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Security Manager

Provide specialist security and organizational support to the Employer/HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) Regulation Compliance Manager for the evaluation and management of security risks, ensuring that applicable laws and the company regulatory system and company regulations are adhered to at all times;

Provide technical and organizational support for the OPERATING COMPANY/BRANCH, management and monitoring of security activities;

Manage security risk analyses and risk mitigation processes and define the general security organization and security risk mitigation plans for permanent and project sites;

Ensure that the COMPANY’s security standards, criteria, procedures and regulations are correctly implemented in the OPERATING COMPANY/BRANCH and applied to all security activities at operational;

Ensure assessment and monitoring of security threats and vulnerabilities of permanent sites and project sites left under your responsibility;

Prepare the security risk assessment document for permanent sites and project sites left under your responsibility;

Perform systematic and continuous monitoring of security threats and security events that have occurred;

Monitoring the suitability of the security organisation and the risk mitigation plan for the security threat levels and the size and complexity of operational activities;

Support the Employer/HSSE Regulation Compliance Manager of the OPERATING COMPANY/BRANCH in managing local emergency and crisis situations, while providing swift and continuous reporting to higher management according to specific COMPANY regulatory documents.

Manage investigation, reporting and flow of information for local security events according to corporate procedures and, in liaison with the local authorities, support investigation activities to the extent permitted by law within the areas of security involving of the OPERATING COMPANY/BRANCH employees;

In cooperation with the OPERATING COMPANY/BRANCH ICT functions manage issues concerning safeguarding of confidential data at OPERATING COMPANY/BRANCH level

Determine, collect and analyse security activities data to ascertain the suitability and effectiveness of the security management system and report to Sector Security Function Manager;

Applicant must be Graduate with relevant training & qualification and should have min 8 yrs of work exp in the respective field.Must be fluent in English

8.0 To 15.0 Years


Any Graduate



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