SINCLUS is one of India’s fastest growing Executive Search and Recruitment Consultancy with niche practices across industries and countries. The seeds for SINCLUS were sown in 1990 but the mighty oak that stands today is the result of decades of deep commitment to excellence in our service delivery and client satisfaction. Our specialized approach ensures provision of superior recruitment solutions to conglomerates and candidates both nationally and internationally across Categories and experience levels, be it permanent or Project based employment.

Our diversified client portfolio is serviced with a well-defined Recruitment Process complemented by a highly developed IT infrastructure with constant Database Creation, Updating & Retrieval Facilities. All this to ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible talent available and our candidates obtain the most superior match. Sinclus has an established team of highly qualified consultants and recruiters with a diverse range of expertise and industry experience. With this wealth at its root our team is empowered to accurately assess staffing requirements of our clients, and efficiently liaise with them on all aspects of their manpower needs.

At Sinclus , we strive to surpass industry standards with the provision of innovative recruitment solutions on a national and global level. We are committed to assisting candidates achieve their chosen career goals with integrity, discretion and respect. Using our recruitment expertise and dedication to developing strong partnerships, we are able to provide an exceptional quality of service and personalized attention to the needs of companies and candidates alike.

Let Sinclus help you “Source the World” with its hallmark efficiency!

Contact Us : +91 22 40913301
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